STUDIO 49 Series 2000 Orff Instruments

High quality instruments deliver the power of music

The Series 2000 instruments satisfy the highest musical standards and they are excellent for use in elementary music education.

The glockenspiel bars of the Series 2000 instruments are made with special alloyed and processed steel, which creates clear, powerful, sustained sound.
The bar seating prevents the interchangeable bars from falling out.

These instruments have solid wood resonance boxes with handles that allow for easy transportation. The handles also serve as supports for the easily adjustable stands. One can change the instrument with just the turn of the screw, allowing for uninterrupted instruction.

The alto and bass instruments of the Series 2000 include several proportioned resonance chambers and sound-reinforcing lips on the dividers, which create maximum volume. Only hand-selected, expertly cured Amazon Jacaranda rosewood is used in the legendary Series 2000.

The Grillodur bars are made of highly refined fiberglass material, an alternative to the Amazon Jacaranda rosewood bars. The Grillodur bars hold the pitch through strong changes of temperature and humidity to create outstanding sound. These bars are great for music in outdoor settings.

Jennifer B

Jennifer B. believes everything STUDIO 49 makes is of the highest quality with amazing sound. Never a “dead bar!”


Karinsa M. appreciates the quality and craftsmanship of Studio 49 instruments, which last for many years – even when played by thousands of elementary school students!


Marie R. loves STUDIO 49 because I love the rich, full sound of the barred instruments.