STUDIO 49 SXG 1000 Soprano Xylophone – Grillodur (Fiberglass)

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The SXG 1000 is a lightweight and easily portable diatonic instrument. The solid pine resonator box is compact with integrated handles for easy movement, making it perfect for circle time activities.

16 bars 32 x 18 mm made of Grillodur, a highly refined fiberglass material.

Grillodur bars hold the pitch through strong changes of temperature and humidity. Grillodur bars have outstanding sound and are appropriate for making music in outdoor settings.

Notation in “c-d-e” and “do-re-me” on each bar. If desired, notation can be safely removed from Grillodur using acetone.

Includes F# and Bb bars and 1 Pair of S 50 mallets.