Why STUDIO 49 Orff Instruments?

“I remember as a very young child being with my parents in Carl Orff’s composing room. That’s where STUDIO 49 began, and it’s been in our family’s hands ever since.”
—Bernd Becker-Ehmck, owner


Crafted for Carl Orff

“My father used the motor of Grandma’s washing machine in order to shape the first instruments.”


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Crafted for Acoustic Excellence

“Each single bar will be tuned in STUDIO 49 by hand.”


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Crafted for a Lifetime of Relevance

“Nobody in 1949 seriously expected this growth in the Orff Schulwerk.”


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Special thanks to the Studio 49 factory team, and to music educator David Osborne, who wrote and performed the music in these three videos.

Cyndee Giebler

Cyndee G.
loves STUDIO 49 because there is NOTHING on earth that sounds as lovely as their soprano glockenspiel. As a composer and arranger, she often writes pieces specifically with the soprano glockenspiel in mind. She’s also a big fan the 1000 series. They are easy for students to handle and they sound great. “I only use STUDIO 49 in my classroom. I won’t settle for less for my students.”

Judith Thompson

Judith T. believes STUDIO 49 remains the “Steinway” of the Orff Schulwerk line. Their craftsmanship ensures a long life. (her old school is still using their 1967 instruments) She loves the woods chosen for constantly good sound. “Bravo for 6 decades of beautiful music!”

Michelle and Erik Kolodziej

Erik K. loves STUDIO 49 because the quality is top-notch, and the tone is unparalleled. He has Studio 49 glockenspiels and metallophones and they are, by far, the most beautiful sounding instruments in the collection. Furthermore, the support provided by MMB is personal and genuine. They understand and serve the needs of the teachers.

David O

David O. loves the BX2000 Xylophone from STUDIO 49 for its rich, world-class, versatile sound quality, and the creativity it facilitates in his classroom.

Carol Erion

Carol E. loves STUDIO 49 because these instruments are simply the best of the best! The instruments are always in perfect pitch and stay that way for generations of energetic children. For high quality sound you need instruments that are well-made with exquisite workmanship. “I never bought any other brand for my teachers in the Arlington County (VA) school district.”

David Owen

David O. teaches in a school in a very rough part of Las Vegas. His students have very little at home, and have very little access to music outside of school. Thanks to STUDIO 49, his students are able to make beautiful music, even with all their disadvantages in life. The instruments are incredibly durable. They still sound beautiful – even after many years of use in the school, being played in every class, every day.

Coralie Gustafson

Coralie G. loves STUDIO 49 because the instruments purchased in the 1980s are still in tune, have held together fabulously, and have a beautiful tone. “I wouldn’t have anything but STUDIO 49 in my classroom!”

Lisa Rumak

Lisa R. loves STUDIO 49 because they are quality instruments, built with children in mind, and built to last! “They are my first and only choice for my music classroom.”

James E

James E. loves STUDIO 49 because they are the world’s top Orff instrument company. His classroom would not be complete without his STUDIO 49 instruments.

Deanna Bell

Deanna B. loves STUDIO 49 because they are the best of the best! STUDIO 49 provides quality instruments with a fantastic sound. Their instruments are durable and kids love them.

Emily K

Emily K. loves STUDIO 49 xylophones because they are by far the best she has ever played. They are tuned perfectly and the craftsmanship is unmatched.


Karinsa M. appreciates the quality and craftsmanship of Studio 49 instruments, which last for many years – even when played by thousands of elementary school students!

Katie H

Katie H. loves STUDIO 49 instruments for their amazing quality! She loves the way they sound, and her students love to play them because they feel accomplished and successful.

Erik H

Erik H. loves STUDIO 49 instruments because even after decades of use, they still sound amazing! The quality of the materials will keep your ensembles sounding great for years.

Randi S

Randi S. has 1000 series soprano and alto xylophones in her classroom. She loves that they are portable, stackable, and sound amazing without breaking the bank!

Jennifer G

Jennifer G. loves STUDIO 49 because they are the highest quality instruments available. The sound and timbre is better than with any other instrument.

Stephanie G

Stephanie G. loves STUDIO 49 because the 1000 series is economical, portable, and best of all they have a great sound! She highly recommends these STUDIO 49 instruments for any classroom teacher that has limited space and a limited budget but loves to make music.

Amy N

Amy N. believes that students deserve excellent quality instruments. Purchasing great Orff instruments from STUDIO 49 means that your money goes farther and instruments last longer!

Jennifer L

Jennifer L. loves STUDIO 49 instruments because they are beautiful to look at and sound absolutely lovely. She enjoys having STUDIO 49 as an essential part of her elementary music classroom.

Ashley Anne W

Ashley Anne W. loves that STUDIO 49 offers great sound quality at a reasonable price! With a wide variety of options, she can always find the perfect fit for her students.

Shelia B

Sheila B. loves STUDIO 49 because the sound quality is top notch. Her students ‘fight’ to use the STUDIO 49 instruments over others in her classroom and say “These sound so much better!”

Katie K

Katie K. loves STUDIO 49 because she inherited some very old STUDIO 49 instruments, and after ALL of the years they are still holding up, in tune, and pleasant to use!

Erin C

Erin C. loves the quality of STUDIO 49 instruments and materials. Her students make beautiful music with the Series 1000 xylophones.

Kathy S

Kathy S. loves STUDIO 49 instruments for their resonance and tone quality. They stand to the wear and tear of elementary students.

Stephanie P

Stephanie P. loves STUDIO 49 because they are high quality, affordable instruments that give her students memorable musical moments.


Eric G. loves STUDIO 49 for providing high quality instruments that sound great and that students love to play!

Leigh S

Leigh S. loves the beautiful sound STUDIO 49 instruments create when played because children should be afforded the opportunity to make beautiful sounds too!

Kelly W

Kelly W. loves STUDIO 49 because they have a variety of size options so that you can find exactly what you need for your space.

Elizabeth T

Elizabeth T. loves STUDIO 49 because her students’ eyes light up whenever they have a pair of STUDIO 49 mallets in their hands! Who knew learning, creating, singing, and playing could be so fun?!

Caitlyn S

Caitlyn S. loves STUDIO 49 instruments for their beautiful tonality, resonance, and stability.

Ray L

Ray L. loves the timbre of STUDIO 49. It encourages beautiful musical playing from children.


Meredith J. loves STUDIO 49 because they have such wonderful instruments at good prices.

Haley G

Haley G. loves STUDIO 49 instruments because they are slim for small storage spaces, and are easier for students to handle.

Jennifer B

Jennifer B. believes everything STUDIO 49 makes is of the highest quality with amazing sound. Never a “dead bar!”


Kelly M. believes STUDIO 49 instruments are the best quality and they have the best sound!


Clayton D. loves STUDIO 49 for the quality and sound of the instruments.


Stephanie B. loves STUDIO 49 because their instruments are well-made, affordable, and sound beautiful!


Mike P. loves STUDIO 49 because the instruments sound great and are of great quality.

Leo L

Leo L. loves STUDIO 49 instruments because they are high quality and superior to other instruments he has played.

Reagan C

Reagan C. loves STUDIO 49 because the instruments sound beautiful. They are high quality and very well made.


Alyssa B. loves STUDIO 49 instruments because she has had nothing but wonderful experiences with them.

Aaron McGarvey

Aaron M. loves STUDIO 49 because the quality of all of the instruments is absolutely great. “My students deserve the best.”

Andrea and Joseph Coleman

Andrea C. loves STUDIO 49 because of the resonant sound and the portability of the instruments.

Debbie Burton

Debbie B. loves STUDIO 49 because they are so easy to repair and she can do it herself. They also play in tune and sound well together.


George T. loves STUDIO 49 because of the tone quality of their barred instruments. Also, the ‘Easycussion’ line appeals because the bars stay attached and can be played on your lap. Great for really young students.

Jenny Chambless 2

Jenny C. loves STUDIO 49 because the instruments are of high quality and consistent in their tuning. If you take care of them, they will service you and your students for a very long time!


Marjie V. loves STUDIO 49 because the tone is the best, they hold up better, and the synthetic bars allow young kids to make a good tone.

Jenny Chambless 2

Maggie S. loves STUDIO 49 because they are easy to repair, easy to get beautiful tone, and make her kids sound great!


Patty D. loves STUDIO 49 because they sound the best and look the nicest!

Tim Fuchtman

Tim F. loves STUDIO 49 because they sound terrific! His instruments are fairly old, but they are still in tune and still sound great. The solid construction stands up to years of student use.

Dixie S

Dixie S. loves STUDIO 49 xylophones for their great tone quality, which is very warm on the low bars. The instruments are affordable and extremely durable!


Laura A. loves STUDIO 49 because these instruments have a wonderful quality of sound and are very durable. They play well in tune and are easy for students to manipulate. She also likes the compactness of the instrument design as it makes it easy to store instruments in a small space.

Holly Glister

Holly G. just recommended STUDIO 49 xylophone instruments to a colleague who is getting ready to start a “Mommy and Me Music” class for preschoolers.


Michael C. loves STUDIO 49 because of the excellent, resonant sound, the quality of construction, and the variety of mallets for specific sounds.


Al H. has used STUDIO 49 instruments his entire (30 year) teaching career. The sound quality is superior to other instruments. His STUDIO 49 instruments last the longest and are easy to repair. “I highly recommend purchasing STUDIO 49 instruments.”

Kim Letellier

Kim L. loves STUDIO 49 because the quality is second to none. She has 20 year old instruments in her room that still play beautifully.

Kelsey Cline

Kelsey C. loves STUDIO 49 because they have such good, musical sound! The students love playing on these instruments, and she loves hearing them!

Kay Wildman

Kay W. has had her original STUDIO 49 set for 25 years.  They still sound great! Thank you STUDIO 49!

Adam Thiel

Adam T. loves STUDIO 49 because they provided my classroom with the best durable quality of construction that comes with an excellent sound. The grillodur bars are affordable and durable with a better sound than typical wood.

Robert Todd

Robert T. loves STUDIO 49 because the construction is very sturdy and crafted for years of playing by eager students. He loves the tone and ease of playing.

Margaret Orem

Margaret O. loves STUDIO 49 because their intonation is great! They are easy to clean! The company always listens!

Kim Guinn

Kim G. has 23 STUDIO 49 barred instruments in her classroom. The instruments are over 15 years old and continue to sound wonderful. Their sound quality is exceptional.

Kris Curtis

Kris C. loves STUDIO 49 because their instruments have a great timbre and tone quality to them. His elementary students constantly use them. Most of his instruments are from the 1970s and still sound great. “I highly recommend STUDIO 49 for Orff instruments.”

Rosemary Pilonero

Rosemary P. loves STUDIO 49 because the sound and resonance is great. The 1000 series is so nice. Whe had one as a door prize for an Orff Chapter (CFOC) and it was a big hit. Everyone loved it!

Janie Anderson 2

Janie A. loves STUDIO 49 because the instruments sound great and have held up great during my 30+ years of teaching!


Ben T. loves STUDIO 49 because the quality sound the instruments produce. The glockenspiels are the best in the industry!


Marie R. loves STUDIO 49 because I love the rich, full sound of the barred instruments.


Kirk J. loves STUDIO 49 because the quality of the sound is so nice. The instruments are sturdy and easy to move. The quality of sound that comes from the smaller instruments is amazing!

Jody Holland 2

Jody H. loves STUDIO 49 because of the high quality of sound and craftsmanship! They make great instruments for whatever your budget is!

Judy Burnette

Judy B. loves STUDIO 49 because the quality of the sound is outstanding. Also they are the really well constructed. They are made to last a long time.

Kristen Partin

Kristen P. loves STUDIO 49 because they produce beautiful and well built instruments. My students and I LOVE playing them!

Alex Morales

Alex M. loves STUDIO 49 because the instruments are beautifully made, are sturdy, and I love the tone quality.

Jennifer Donovan

Jennifer D. loves STUDIO 49 because my 1000 series xylophone is the perfect demonstration instrument in my classroom!

Sharon August

Sharon A. loves STUDIO 49 because of the beautiful sound and ease of changing bars. I especially LOVE the glockenspiel with the magnetic bar!

Andrea and Joseph Coleman

Joseph C. loves STUDIO 49 because of the enjoyment of playing the instruments. Having enough for everyone to play really enhances the teaching process and gives my students more opportunities for success!

Fauna Woolfe

Fauna W. loves STUDIO 49 because the glockenspiels have the most lovely sound!

Megan Anderson

Megan A. loves STUDIO 49 because of their wonderful durability. I really like the rubber pins which prevents the “accidental” improper way many children take off the bars. Very strong sound boxes and absolutely gorgeous rosewood bars.


Amelia K. loves STUDIO 49 because the products and customer service are absolutely wonderful! All items are of the highest quality and everyone is so friendly and helpful.


Jennifer S. loves STUDIO 49 because The AX 1000’s height gives students a better view of her playing for echo and imitation activities. The students have noted that they like it best when she models on the AX 1000.

Kay Wildman

Kay W. has had her original STUDIO 49 set for 25 years.  They still sound great! Thank you STUDIO 49!

Joanne Vent

Joanne V. loves STUDIO 49 because all the instruments are well made and they last a very long time. Her STUDIO 49 xylophones have lasted much longer than other instruments that were in the district.

Maryann Loda

Maryann L. loves STUDIO 49 because they make the most beautiful sound for children to play and explore and create They also have the best longevity. The retain pitch and tone quality for a lifetime, with proper care.


Lissa R. love STUDIO 49 because they are the best. I can’t imagine my classroom with anything else. They allow the children to make the most exquisite music. The quality and sound are absolutely the best.


Jeanna H. loves STUDIO 49 because I love the warm mellow sound and ease of playing. My students love to hear the instruments play in our ensemble.


Jennifer E. loves STUDIO 49 because the instrument sound is fantastic and the mallets are of excellent quality.


Linda F. loves STUDIO 49 instruments for their beautiful sound and high quality. Her students love them too!

Julie Martin

Julie M. loves STUDIO 49 because she has a music classroom full of STUDIO 49 instruments that sound great together! Some are 24 years old and some are 2 years old. The are durable and sound beautiful! A joy in my classroom. I highly recommend them to newer teacher friends who ask me which instruments they should purchase.

Kate Donaldson

Kate D. loves STUDIO 49 because the 1000 series is awesome! I love the portability and access for wheelchair students.