STUDIO 49 SM 2000 Soprano Metallophone

SM 2000

Series 2000 Soprano Metallophone


  • 16 bars 32 x 8 mm made of high-quality, profiled aluminum
  • Diatonic soprano metallophone, C2 – A3
  • Resonator box crafted from solid pine*
  • Attached handles for easy transportation and stand support
  • Multiple resonance chambers for exceptional sound quality
  • Flexible pins
  • Fabric-coated bar seating for lasting durability
  • Includes F# and Bb bars and pair of S 50 mallets.

Sound Samples

SM 2000 with one mallet

SM 2000 with two mallets

Replacement Parts

  • Bars M-01
  • Pins AM-03
  • Tubing AM-02
  • Mallets S 50


*Note: this resonator box is the same size as the Studio 49 SM 1600.
Jennifer B

Jennifer B. believes everything STUDIO 49 makes is of the highest quality with amazing sound. Never a “dead bar!”


Karinsa M. appreciates the quality and craftsmanship of Studio 49 instruments, which last for many years – even when played by thousands of elementary school students!


Marie R. loves STUDIO 49 because I love the rich, full sound of the barred instruments.