STUDIO 49 Tambourine with Plastic Head

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STUDIO 49 Tambourines are available with plastic head, an easy-grip wood rim, and large, high-quality, hammered jingles made of German sliver.The sound of a natural skin head has more tone color than a plastic drumhead. However, genuine skin heads are hygroscopic – in other words, you will need to retune them when the room temperature and humidity change.

STUDIO 49 Tambourines are sold individually and available in 4 sizes:

  • 10″ Head Diameter (RST 250/4P) with 4 pairs of jingles
  • 10″ Head Diameter (RST 250/6P) with 6 pairs of jingles
  • 12″ Head Diameter (RT 300/8P) with 8 pairs of jingles
  • 12″ Head Diameter (RST 300/12P) with 12 pairs of jingles