STUDIO 49 Timpani with Skin Head

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STUDIO 49 Timpani feature a body made of firmly laminated hardwood, tunable skin head, and adjustable legs. Richness and purity of the beat depends on the precise, all-around tuning of the head. The required pitch must by obtained by adjusting all the tension screws. The natural skins have a warmer timbre than the somewhat dry sound of plastic heads.

STUDIO 49 Timpani are sold individually and available in four sizes:

  • 12″ Head Diameter (P 300) with tonal range a – e1
  • 14″ Head Diameter (P 350) with tonal range f – c1
  • 16″ Head Diameter (P 400) with tonal range d – a
  • 18″ Head Diameter (P 450) with tonal range c – g